Is Your Child Sick?TM



Our office is designed to be warm and inviting for children of all ages.  We make every effort to create an environment where children feel comfortable and at ease.  We follow recommended practices for minimizing pain associated with injections and procedues.  Children who are happy and not fearful about visiting the doctor's office will grow up to be better advocates for their own health and medical care.  
Making an appointment, requesting a refill, getting a school form completed, asking a question about your child's health- these are all things that should be quick and convenient.  We use our patient portal to streamline these and other patient services.  For added convenience, we offer same day sick appointments and monthly Wednesday evening clinics for well visits and sports physicals.  

Our core philosophy at Grace Point Pediatrics is that every person, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a medical home where they are valued and welcome.  We do what we do because we want every child, parent, and family member who comes through our doors to feel as if they have been cared for as a whole person.   

All Ages:
We care for children of all ages, from birth through college.  We recognize the unique needs of adolescent and college age patients who don't want to be treated like a little kid but may not be ready to transition to the world of "grown up" doctors just yet. 

Photo by Rachael Marie Imagery