Is Your Child Sick?TM

After Hours


Dr. Allen is available after-hours for urgent medical concerns.  She believes patients and their families should have access to their doctor when necessary.  In doing this, she is trusting her patients to use wisdom and discretion when deciding to use the after hours phone line. 

Please only call for urgent medical concerns. Dr. Allen loves talking to parents about their child’s behavior, sleeping habits, constipation, and other non-urgent problems….but not after-hours.

Most evenings and weekends Dr. Allen will answer after hours calls directly.  However, after 10pm nightly and on some holidays and weekends the after hours line will be forwarded to a triage nurse.  Our triage nurses are trained in pediatric specific protocols. These nurses are able to answer questions, give medical advice, and can call in prescriptions for a limited number of medications as needed. 


Please familiarize yourself with the “Is My Child Sick”  link on this website.  This is an excellent resource that answers many questions parents have about their child’s various symptoms.  There are also dosing charts for common over the counter medications. 

After hours number: 540-431-5057

If you prefer to call the nurse line directly, you may call: 866-898-6422

Photo by Rachael Marie Imagery